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Thermal Transfer Printer Review – Cab SQUIX 4

The Cab SQUIX 4 is a professional thermal transfer printer designed to be reliable and easy to use. It comes in several versions that enable you to customize your printing experience for optimal results. In this Cab SQUIX 4 thermal transfer printer review, we’ll look at the different versions available, zoom in on the key features, and note the pros and cons you need to know before making your choice.


The Cab SQUIX 4 is available in two different versions. The standard one features a 300 dpi with a print speed of up to 300 mm per second. There is also a 600 dpi version with a print speed of up to 150 mm per second.

The basic Cab SQUIX 4 comes with a tear-off plate but you can opt instead for an upgraded version with an internal rewinder allowing for peel-off functionality. Cab also offers the SQUIX 4 M and the SQUIX 4 MT with a centered material guide for continuous printing and textile materials respectively.

Note that Cab sells several other thermal transfer printers in the SQUIX series that look similar but are slimmer or wider in design.





The Cab SQUIX 4 is a popular thermal transfer printer providing a high printing quality and a balanced mix of features. It’s easy to use and reliable for up to medium-volume printing jobs, including small-scale printing.

You can use it across industries, except in environments that may damage the plastic bi-fold cover. Overall, you’re looking at a convenient and versatile choice you can count on.

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